I Found a Way Out of the Trap


Marlon here.

I found a way out of the trap.

The trap I'm referencing is very simple:

Today, the thing that sells the best are "blind offers."  That means offers where the customer doesn't know what they're buyinng.

The reason these products sell is because customers today are very casual hobbyists.  If they find a possible "objection" in the sales page as to why they don't wantn to use whatever the method is, they won't buy.

If you don't reveal the method, then there can be no possible objection.  Thus about 5X more people buy.

There's nothing wrong with this method.

But many people like me just don't want to launch like this.  And it's a trap because those are the offers with the highest EPC's and the ones affiliates most want to promote.

Which means that if you sell something with a "revealed" method, your sales go down by multiples and you don't get affiliate support.


And old and new marketers alike are caught in this trap. They don't want to sell "blind offers" but they need affiliate support and need to make money.

It's a very painful trap.

But there IS a way out.

1.  You can make a good living

2.  You aren't reliant on broad affiliate support or the circle jerk thing

(I don't call it "circle jerk" but others do. There's nothing wrong with it.  But if you don't want to play that game, it's a trap.)