"Here's My 3-Step Easy Peasy Method You're Going to Make Sales and Cash Before ‚ÄčDecember 31, 2018"
(But only if you act before Tuesday)


Marlon here.

In this brief letter, I'm explaining how you're going to make money before December 31, 2018:

Step One:  Create an info product fast, even if you're a newbie or don't have credentials, using the method below.

Step Two:  Create a sales page to sell it

Step Three:  Get traffic to your offer using affiliates

This is great because you won't pay anything for traffic other than a commission after the sale is made.

1. Create Your Own Information Product In 5 Days In Any Niche Using The "Interview The Expert" Technique... for less than $1


You can read about the method there.

There are 6 steps:

1. Identify a prevalent problem in your niche that an expert can help you solve

2. Find local experts in the Yellow Pages that most closely resemble your niche

3. Contact local experts and ask to interview them using one of the provided scripts

4. Conduct your interview using the included technique

5. Create your product for the problem you are trying to solve by recording the interview

6. Market it to your niche!

Here are just a few of the things you'll learn:

  1. 2 sample conversations and 1 copy-and-paste email template provided for youso you can stop worrying about what to say and start lining up experts to create your product FAST
  2. The simple 4-step formula for contacting ANY expert that gives you the best chance for getting the interview that can be used over and over again
  3. Get the contact names and phone numbers for nationwide experts within 15 seconds here...
  4. Use one of these 5 methods to recontact your expert if they ignore your first message, almost doubling your response rate
  5. The only two search words you need to find 1000s of interview candidates...
  6. Use the 4 largest expert databases to get you more interviews overnight

A sweet spot in terms of price is $7 to $17 but you can go higher, depending on the topic. Again, you can read the whole shebang here:


2. Create Your Own Information Product In 5 Days In Any Niche Using The "Interview The Expert" Technique...

Interview the Expert will show you the basics of creating a sales page.  You can also use PushButtonLetters.com for this.  Or, the best thing is to take a $2.90 trial of Point Click Coachingwhere I go into sales pages in depth.  

3. Use 10 Copy and Paste Messages To Get New Affiliates Who Can Promote Your Products

Why not make it 10X faster, simpler and easier to get affiliates with these 10 copy and paste messages to get new affiliates with?

Get all the scoop on these messages here:


These aren't just normal messages.  I explain the psychology of them.  They're based on having been approached by thousands of affiliates over the years and also having had 30,000 affiliates sign up to promote my products.

Honestly, I've not seen anyone else anywhere explain this psychology. And virtually no one, not even gurus, use the methods in these copy paste templates.  I could easily sell them for $97, and probably will shortly.

4.  How to Quadruple the Potential Affiliates to Promote Your Offer

You can get the info on this here:


You need ways to find affiliates to send your copy and paste messages to.

5.  Use My 166 Method To Make a LOT More Money From Each New Buyer On Your List

‚ÄčOnce you have a new buyer on your list, you need to make some money for Pete's sake.  So this shows you how I personally do it using my 166 System.

You can learn about what's in it here:


How to Get My 166 System For HALF Off and
Get 3 of The Other Above Products For Free!

I'm NOT making these values up out of thin air. You can buy each of them from the sales pages below:

166 System:

Interview The Expert

10 Copy Paste Messages

Quadruple Affiliate Sources

But as part of my customer appreciation offer, you aren't going to pay that even though many others have.

You're going to buy the 166 System for half off AND get 3 FREE.

Watch a Video Explaining the Offer here

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This offer really WILL expire. 

And no, it's not an evergreen timer.  This is an actual hard date. You CAN buy these products at full price later. But I'm raising the price.  

So I figure you'll appreciate this awesome customer appreciation sale.


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