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Dispatch One: Here Are The Secrets of Creating and Selling a $197 to $399 Workshop or Masterclass


  • How to plan your slides
  • How to lay out a 4-week workshop
  • The 3-part formula for content that makes it easy to know what to say, so you aren’t grabbing for words or enduring endless pauses
  • How to create-full-blown product in only 22 slides
  • Why you should write bullet points first
  • The Masterclass product template


  • The Masterclass sales template
  • Pure gold from Gary Halbert on bullet point writing
  • An illustration of how to gain attention
  • An illustration of how to gain interest, so people give a flip about what your offer is and don’t ignore it
  • How do you build desire so people WANT what you have to sell?
  • An example of how to prompt action
  • Example of how to justify price


  • The 5 email sequence
  • Lead generating on Linked In
  • Should you use automation?
  • What about Facebook lives?
  • How to build your chatbot list using 1 minute videos on Facebook
  • Copy and paste messages to get joint venture partners

Dispatch 2:  How to Solve The “I Have No Experience or Credentials” Problem

  • Feel like you have NO INFORMATION to put into your info product?  Problem solved.
  • What do you write about in your sales page?  Problem solved.
  • What do you write about in your info product? Problem solved.
  • A video tutorial on installing Wordpress
  • How to build a whole listbuilding funnel
  • An example using “tiny houses”
  • How to make Gary Halbert come back from his grave and drool over your bullet points
  • How to borrow credibility easily, quickly and simply
  • How to let your customers tell you what they want to buy
  • How to recognize great content when you see it
  • 3 great ways to get ideas
  • Where to find an endless list of questions people have about your topic that you can get paid to answer
  • What 1 thing should a big chunk of your product be?
  • What should you always talk in terms of?

Dispatch 3:  Product Creation From Scratch

  • Watch me hunker down with 3 of our members and show you EXACTLY how the RESEACH to the BULLET POINTS to the CONTENT is done.
  • Watch me turn content into sizzling bullet points that will have mouths watering and pocket books flying open
  • Exactly, precisely, in detail how you create content from bullet points with numerous examples
  • How to use this method for 3 different topics that are “non Internet marketing”
  • How to transform information into curiosity that makes sales and cash
  • How to absorb and consume 5 books in one evening
  • A new income 6-step stream you can cobble together in maybe an hour and anyone can do it, even if you’re a green beginner
  • This is the simplest squeeze page you’ll ever do!  You don’t even have to write or create a lead magnet.  Boom!  Kiss lead magnets goodbye.
  • How to get free traffic to a squeeze page

Dispatch 4:  How to Create Your $37 Seller (BEST BULLETS)

  • Where To Find Thousands of Products You Can Sell On OTO’s
  • Without Having To Create Them Yourself
  • How To Get Your Product and Bullet Points DONE In 3 to 4 Hours
  • How to Nail OTO 1 and Make It Sell Like Gangbusters
  • Done for you OTO’s – all the secrets and tricks
  • Creating a video-based OTO 1
  • How To Narrow Down What YOU Should Do and FOCUS
  • Why we're in the business of selling dopamine hits
  • What To Do If Things Are Tough Sledding
  • How To Handle Immediate Financial Pressures
  • How To Handle The Lack of Time
  • The Last Resort For Getting Unstuck And Getting a Product D-O-N-E
  • Why Wicked Page Design Gives You Clout
  • The Philosophy of Building With People At Your Level or 1 RunAbove
  • How To Make Sales As An Affiliate And Why You Should, And Other
  • Ways To Invoke Reciprocity
  • Why You Sell Your By-products
  • A Short Detour To Talk About
  • How You Get Affiliates To Promote You
  • The fastest way to create a product
  • Which OTO is your real moneymaker?
  • What is your best converter for OTO 1?
  • Exactly how your brainstorm your OTO 1 ideas
  • Where To Find Thousands of Products You Can Sell On OTO’s Without Having To Create Them Yourself
  • Copy and paste message to send to “pick up” finished products you can sell for a song and a dance. Where to find them.  How to sell them.
  • Exactly step-by-step where to go and what click on to find perfect products for your OTO 1 that no one knows about
  • Actual high-selling OTO page examples for you to learn from and model
  • Where To Find Thousands of Products You Can Sell On OTO’s Without Having To Create Them Yourself
  • The 3 surest things you can sell in OTO’s
  • Why you’re actually in the business of selling dopamine hits
  • The #1 way to get affiliates to mail for you
  • How to get your product and bullet points done in 3-4 hours
  • How to build your business with people at your “rung” level and 1 above
  • Why wicked page design gives you clout
  • What to do if things are tough sledding
  • How to handle immediate financial pressures
  • A little tool that will crush your problems with “lack of focus” and time

Dispatch 5: Deep Dive Into Creating CREATE $37, $67 AND $97 SELLERS

  • A simple $97 OTO model ANYONE can follow, including YOU!
  • (And you can create in a few hours)
  • How I used bullet points to sell a$1,000 product (and the 1 KEY ingredient it had that my lower-priced products don’t)
  • A complete A to Z Formula breakdown of a $65 sales page you
  • can model easily.
  • The psychology of $5,000+ sales
  • The psychology of $100+ sales
  • How to generate cash BEFORE you create the product
  • The more  _________ we give them, the more they’re usually willing to pay.
  • The simple trick I used to sell a $1,000 info product using a sales page with NO video!
  • Here’s why there is always opportunity for info products
  • Where do you sit on the Where Do You SIT On the DIY vs. DFY line?
  • Step-by-step sales page template that sold $24,000 of a $55 product from one Facebook post
  • A simple $97 OTO model anyone can create – including you – complete with an example (This has sold well for me for years)
  • The key that made my product sell on an evergreen basis that is easy for you to do – even if you have no experience
  • Example of a highly successful $37 sales page template
  • How you scale info products from $37 to $65 to $197 to $997, including similarities and differences (This is extremely rare information you won’t find elsewhere)
  • How to get paid in advance
  • The 3 things everyone wants and will pay for (and no, it’s NOT what you think)

Dispatch 6: How to Build Your Audience For Free So It’s Not Crickets

  • Learn how to BLOW UP YOUR AUDIENCE and suck out cash, perhaps lots of cash in a moral and ethical way whilst you REALLY help others and contribute to a better life for them.
  • The 1 thing that determines who sees your posts on Facebook
  • What hardly anyone understands about time decay and how it influences who sees your posts
  • Here’s what you do if you REALLY want to learn something
  • Why people are STUPID about how they do “organic” marketing by sliding into people’s DM’s and hitting them up for Strategy Sessions.  Once you understand how Facebook really works, you’ll see there’s a vastly easier and simpler method
  • Why you should read this Dispatch EVERY month!
  • What to do that will make people love you and keep buying from you over and over
  • Why you don’t need to worry about replying to comments
  • Whose posts do you like?
  • Who engages with you and who do you engage with?
  • Who do you direct message and who direct messages you?
  • Who writes on your wall and whose wall do you write on?
  • An odd secret of Facebook groups
  • How many posts should be value?  How many pitches?  Are you under or over pitching?
  • How to figure out your ideal client Avatar
  • Creating sublists and Facebook and when you want to do it
  • What does live streaming do for you?  Should you do it?
  • What do you when people COMMENT on Value Posts you make or appreciate the reply you make in a comment?
  • A crazy new method for doing pitches with “popup” groups
  • How you should name your group?
  • How to recruit affiliates by doing live stream without them having any clue how you’re doing it or that you’re doing it. It’s total stealth!
  • Do THESE things if you want your group to grow
  • 5 Step System to Build Your Audience Through Facebook Like Ads For $1 a Day (This is gold)  I didn’t invent it but I’ll turn you onto it
  • What Do You Post To Make Money With In Your Promo Posts?
  • How to build up your Facebook group.
  • Where a nd how do you get content for value posts?
  • Here’s your social media action plan – 8 steps to take now

Dispatch 7: How to Cash In On Your Audience You Built In Dispatch 5 With Power Funnels

  • What amateurs and hacks do pros don’t
  • Once you nail this, the money can come really fast
  • The exact way to ask for help so you actually get it
  • The most amazing contact strategy I’ve ever discovered for getting others to help you and have them glad to do it
  • How to find out what people want to buy
  • This man was homeless until he discovered this one thing. Now he’s a billionaire
  • Money is an output.  What’s the cause?
  • This little red booklet has the best goal attaining method I’ve ever tried
  • Our 3-step basic bread-and-butter funnel
  • Real world example of highly profitable bread-and-butter funnels that you can learn from, model and be inspired by
  • How to take the look and feel of your funnel up a notch
  • How to add a benefit statement to your Facebook and where to stick it – actual examples
  • The best inexpensive microphone for live streaming that sounds like a  million bucks
  • Deep dive into analyzing funnels
  • Example of a $37 recurring billing pitch that works gangbusters
  • 5-step super simple pitch to sell recurring billing
  • Links to real world Big Money funnels and back ends that will causes your brain to explode with ideas and a bit of greed!
  • How to lay out your funnel
  • A simple free plan for driving traffic to your funnel
  • How to get your funnel pages to look pro
  • Here’s a Simple Trick To Get Opt-Ins For Free From Facebook
  • When Does Time Freedom Kick In?
  • Advanced Scoop On How to Automate Your Marketing and Income

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