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The money is in the back end.

This is how you afford to advertise your products or services.

This is how you make your best money and add margin or bigger chunks of profits to your info business.

This is how yo u ascend your customers to spend more with you.

This course will show you how to get ideas for, create and sell info products for $397 to $697 and how I've sold thousands of dollars doing so.  Imagine being able to create a big ticket info product in 1 day and cranking that end of your business in the next 30 days. 

No, you're not dreaming!  It's actually possible when you go through this course.

Of course, trying to do this on your own without the benefit of experience and hindsight can be very costly and frustrating.  You can waste months of time going around in circle.

This course gives you 12 recorded seminars that you can start using immediately to potentially blow up your info profits.

Here's What You'll Discover In The 12 Seminars and Written Materials:

  • The 1 day "back end."  (It doesn't have to take forever!  Imagine having your back end rolling this week)

  • How to create and sell a $697 coaching program

  • Secrets of creating and selling "masterclasses"

  • High profit internal launches (this is where the easy money is)

  • Big ticket services sales formula (services are an easy sale)

  • Super high opt-in rates for your big ticket funnels

  • How to create a $500 to $1,000 info product fast

  • How to avoid all my mistakes and do the things I did right

  • How to come up with hot big ticket info product ideas

  • How to sell your big ticket info products

  • How do you deliver your big tickets the easiest, simplest and cheapest ways?

  • How do you deliver the info in your courses?

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The Fast Track Marketer's Club helps you grown an info product business by adding a new income stream or layer each month.  I'm a specialist in info products.  Almost no one else does this.

The Fast Track Marketer's Club does 3 extremely valuable things for you to potentially add profits fast:

a.  Gives you a new income stream or layer you can add to your info produc business each month

We add income streams like layers on a cake.

b.  Gives you deep insights into how to write great sales copy for all different types of info products

No one else has formulas for different price points and products like I do

c.  Gives you the knowledge to get traffic and automate as much as possible

If you want to stack income streams, make your stuff sell and get traffic, then there's only one place to be as an info product marketer.

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