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New, never-before-revealed Traffic Funneling method legally diverts visitors and cash from other people’s websites, sales pages, shopping carts, funnels, squeeze pages, webinar registration pages, opt in pages -- and even your own.


You Could Be Funneling Sales AND New Customers

Internet legend Marlon Sanders reveals his newest traffic machine that funnels free traffic straight line to YOUR funnels, pages, websites, blogs and bank account. Marlon is a professional, so his results aren't average.  But he WILL show you the secrets he has used to Funnel big sales from other people's pages.

Dear Friend,

Only minutes from now you could be getting new customers, saving sales, blowing up shopping cart abandonment, funneling sales from other websites, saving your own “lost sales” – and making sales from low-hanging fruit using methods you never dreamed of…

Others might marvel and think you’re a “traffic magician” or some kind of genius.

But all you’re doing is using your “secret knowledge” of new methods now available that not 1 in 1,000 know about.

So you don’t have your own traffic.

Or you could use a lot more.

And it’s not always easy to get people to email their list for your offer.

What’s a marketer to do?

And what about your own:

  • Squeeze pages
  • Funnels
  • Opt-in pages

"I've Funneled thousands of sales from other people's pages.  And this brand new Funneling method could be my best yet because no one else has my "secret code"
-- Marlon Sanders

Here are Just SOME Of The Industries
These Methods Work For:

The secret behind my newest method is a brand new twist on popups.  Let me explain...

Popups are when you’re on a page and an additional box or item slides in, pops up and appears. And an exit pop is when you click to leave the page. And then the popup appears. Exit intent is when you start to leave the page but haven’t clicked yet and the page appears.

You may THINK you love or hate them. But what most people don’t know is there are 1,001 shades and varieties today. There are so many options and alternatives, tricks and secrets. So what some people THINK they don’t like, they may LOVE when see other ways to use the tools. It’s not always what you know. It’s what you don’t know that’s costing you a small fortune.

What's More, My New Traffic Funneling

Secret Is Just The Tip of The Iceberg

You Won't Believe Some of the Other Crazy Things I've Discovered Hardly Anyone Knows About

  • Make customers feel special, and appreciated
  • Introduce a new product
  • Invite to an event or webinar
  • Slash shopping cart abandonment
  • Promote other content
  • Ask a simple question

Recently, I wrote up a report that not only reveals my newest traffic funneling method but also reveals dozens of "sick secrets" to stuff your pockets with cash that others don't know about or use.


  • Popup A got 23 signups out of 1,687 visitors (1.36%). Popup B got 12 signups from 1,722 visitors (.69%). Do you know the difference?
  • Get this: An exit intent freaking coupon converts 35% of lost customers. Who woulda ever guessed it? (You can fire it up for yourself within minutes)
  • You want popups? I got free popups for you. Exit intent. Cart abandonment. All kinds of popups. Free. Just paste the code on and collect your sales and commissions.
  • This page grabbed 88 leads from only 1,254 visitors. Want to see it?
    Still, if you want really awesome advanced features, you should take a look.
  • Pasting this code on a website consistently increased conversions 40% across multiple tests and variations. That’s massive. A 40% increase in conversions! Want to copy and paste this code? READ PAGE XX.
  • After testing on 27,123,447 impressions and collecting 3,088,483 emails, here’s the secret behind the 11.4% response rate. LISTSAGRAM.COM
  • How to turn any e-book or info product you have viral
  • Shopping cart abandonment: How to bring ‘em back and get the sales. Actual examples you can model.
  • How to cash in on other people’s “lost” traffic
  • Why you do NOT need buy popup software that requires you to pay monthly. I’ll show you how to get unlimited popups on unlimited domains with NO MONTHLY FEES at all!
  • What about delay timers? Do they work? Should you use them?
  • How to get “free scripts” that do the “dirty work” for you
  • How to create stunning exit cash pages in a few clicks
  • 20 exit intent plugins for Wordpress you can dive into to see the wide variety of options available and make your own choice

The 5 Almost Surefire Ways to Get Popups Conversions

  • What is dynamic replacement? How can you profit from it?
  • Pasting this code on a website consistently increased conversions 40% across multiple tests and variations. That’s massive. A 40% increase in conversions! Want to copy and paste this code? READ PAGE XX.
  • Do you use page level targeting? Here’s how and why it increases response by 7% or more.
  • There’s nothing new in popups. Right? WRONG. This “Gamified” exit pop gets a whopping 11% average opt ins. Crazy, eh?
  • It’s a fact that 75.52%s average of shoppers bail on shopping carts before finishing their checkout. Those are sales flooding out of the checkout page. But 10.7% of those “bailers” will make a purchase just by doing this one super simple thing.
  • Just a minute ago I was on a website and an awesome freebie offer slid up from the bottom of the page. Really grabbed my attention. I loved it. I was like, “What in the world did they use to do that?” Can you guess? Here’s a hint: When you click you drop right into Facebook Messenger! This is super slick. You can set this up within minutes.
  • All the NEW SECRETS of exit cash – a lot of new options are available now most people have no clue about.
  • What exit intent is, how it works and how to stuff sales in your pocket using it.
  • A response rate of 1.05% on an “opt-in ribbon” is bad. Right? Wrong.
  • Do you know the opt-in rate for a post footer? (I didn’t and my jaw dropped when I found out!)
  • https://sproutsocial.com/insights/call-to-action-phrases/
  • Did you know a 65% cart abandonment rate equals a 97.9% gap in sales? Yeah, me neither. lol. But it’s true. And the point is, when people go to your order page and leave without pecking in their digits, you lose money out the wazoo. Here’s the easy fix. PAGE XX.
  • Where to get a free Google Analytics training that will is fantastic and let you track everything like a pro – for free.
  • Do you know these exit popup formulas you can use now?
  • How does the conversion rate on an instant popup compare with exit intent or a 5, 10 or 20 second delay? (Guess wrong and you lose ½ your conversions!)
  • Here’s a 25-point checklist for your exit pops
  • Kiss lost conversions goodbye with this “overlay” method. Not many know about it. You will. (These are so cool when you know how!)
  • 40 fantastic exit pop hacks
  • The 4 types of triggers (and how to set ‘em up)
  • How to get an extra sales using the “don’t go” twist.
  • This method pulled in 1,124 emails in 60 days. Want to see it?
  • Complete review of 20 exit-intent wordpress popup plugins so you’re up to speed on all the latest “tech”
  • This ONE WORD on a button decreases response by 24.91%. Do you know what that word is? You might wanna know! PAGE XX

It Also Comes with Bonuses


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Here's How  The New 3-Step Traffic

Funneling Wizard Works For You

STEP 1: Give out YOUR CODE

Anyone with funnels, pages, blogs, download pages, thank you pages, popups, exit pops or articles can use your code and profit using the built-in "kickback" method.  Not only do you get paid, they get paid also.

All you do is make it known and available using easy methods.


After copying your code, people simply paste it on their pages.

This is very easy. It’s a 2-minute video. Look at all the places they can paste the code:

  • a blog
  • website
  • thank you page
  • opt-in page
  • upsell page
  • download page
  • membership site
  • Tutorial page
  • Membership page

And if you have NO PAGES at all, you use other people’s!


Everything is funny when you're making money.

And a lot of people are gonna be laughing their way to the bank. Because when you get paid, they get paid.

And all they had to do was copy and paste your magic money code onto their pages.

Nothing could be simpler, faster or easier for them.

And you get traffic traffic and sales. It's a win / win.

Right Now With Zero RISK

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Because I'm so confident you're going to love the secrets in my product that I'm willing to take all the risk by putting my money where my mouth is.

I'm giving you a full 7 day, satisfaction guaranteed, moneyback guarantee.

If for any reason you aren't satisfied with the product, just post to my support desk, and we'll refund your money.  

I'm taking all the risk.

That's how confident I am you're going to love this product.

At worst, you get your money back. At best, you discover a new way to make sales, get traffic and ignite your offers or affiliate sales.



#1 - It’s a clever way to get people to allow you to funnel traffic from their site to yours.
#2 - It's a new way to allow affiliates to promote you just by copying and pasting.


To my knowledge, Traffic Funneling is the only product on the planet that teaches this method.


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