My Bonuses for launch product every 7 d ays

If you're struggling to get 150 buyers on your list, then you might start with Listify, which gives you plugins that you can give away and build your list with.  Obviously, this is mostly of value in niches that use wordpress.  Also, if you've never grabbed the ebook by Gaurab Borah, I recommend it all the time.  He started in India from scratch knowing no one and built up to 1 million in 3 years.  He explains in detail how he got his first 100+ customers and built up from there.  His method still works.

The Greg Kononenko article I reference is excellent.  He recommended getting your first 150 customers off the Warrior Forum.  Honestly, I don't know how this would work today.  The Warrior Forum has changed quite a bit since he wrote that article.  My thoughts are to do what Gaurab and post in the FB JV groups and PM people using the method I describe above in the traffic video.