New Bam Formula
Let's You Bam Money Into Your
Bank Account Faster, Simpler and
Easier than Ever

New For September 4, 2019


Marlon here.

Do you want to create money?

Get an idea.  Create a promotion.  And see money show up in your bank account?

I don't mean in theory.

I mean for real.

Sometimes modest amounts of money.

But possibly so much money it can make your head spin?

And do you want a bunch of shortcuts, so you don't have to make all the hard, costly mistakes that can be easily avoided?

I call this  BAMMING money into your bank account.  It's intoxicating.  It's a thrill when you create money from nothing and the chips are free.

With your permission, I'm going to:

1.  Give you my fastest, simplest, easiest method to BAM money into your bank account.

2.  Give you a ready-made BAM you can start banking with right away.

3.  Take you "behind-the-curtain" and show you exactly how I create my BAMS.

4.  Share with you all my shortcuts, including the most recent that have the power to make things 10x more profitable.

But this letter is NOT for everyone:

1.  If you're skeptical and cynical, it's NOT for you.

2.  If you have no power to take personal action and are just a dreamer and not a doer, it's NOT for you.

3.  If nothing you've done has ever worked, it's NOT for you.

4.  It's NOT for you if you'd rather reinvent the wheel than learn shortcuts from someone who has been there and done that.

5.  It's NOT for you if you don't believe information or Specialized Knowledge has more value than $10, regardless of how good it is.

6. IT's NOT for you if you don't want to create more in your life, if you aren't driven to do more, to advance your life, your vision, your goals..

7.  It's NOT for you if you think because y ou own a couple of my products I have nothing else to share, nothing else to help you with, no other shortcuts to give you.  And even if I did, you wouldn't see more than a nickel's worth of value in them.

It IS for you if you're a creator.

If you love to take a vision in your brain and BAM!  Make it manifest.

It IS for you if you're a positive doer who has sthe ability to set a goal and take action.

This letter is about my BAM formula for milking your cash cows and BAMMING money into your bank account.

A BAM will erase bills overnight.

A BAM will pay off credit cards.

A BAM will fund a vacation or something special you want to buy.

You can have big BAMS or little BAMS. Here's one of my bigger ones:

That's not in any way indicative of average or typical results but it is MY results.

Here's the deal:  I'm going to share a bunch of proof below.

I KNOW HOW to BAM money via info product promotions.  I've done it all my life.

But here's a little secret...

If you never go through the blahs, you never hit the BAMS.

When you start out, you're not going to be an expert.

You grow your way into it.

No one was born an expert.

This is why I recommend you start by selling to beginners.

And pick a narrow topic you can develop expertise in.

Here's what you need to find your BAM:

B -- Big demand for it

A -- Affiliates or ads drive traffic in abundance

M -- Money pours in

It's intoxicating when it happens.

Let me ask you a question:

Do you want to do it the slow way or the fast way?

There ARE shortcuts and devices to put the odds in your favor a LOT more than just guessing, thankfully. So you shorten the time from BUMMER to BAM.

That is WHY I'm writing you today.

I want to give you all the shortcuts.

How long has it been since you've had a BAM?

Friend, I hope it hasn't been too long.

I'm going to show you a small sample of my BAMS.  Not even a fraction of the total.  But know these are NOT indicative of average results.

You could do the same, better, worse or nothing at all if you were really, really unlucky or never launched your BAM.

Here's a little BAMS I put together in a jiffy:

But you can also have big BAMS.

And that was justs affiliate sales.

And the BAMS just keep BAMMING:

And the BAMS just keep BAMMING and BAMMING.

But sometimes little BAMS mean just as much as big BAMS because you can put togetther little BAMS really fast!

Honestly, I have more BAMS than Carter has Liver pills.

How many are enough for you?

And not just once or for a  few years.  

I've done it year after year after year.  BAM!

Honestly, I have more BAMS than Carter has Liver pills.

How many are enough for you?

And not just once or for a  few years.  

I've done it year after year after year.  BAM!

By law I have to tell you these results are not typical of average.  You could do more, less or none at all.

And the BAMS just keep coming:

We can even go back in time and see that I've had BAMS month after month and year after year:

And if that's not enough for you, here's video of more BAMS.  These are NOT indicative of average results.

Here's Why My BAMMING Formula Is Different From My Other Products and Offers

I've learned new things

Yeah, I know.  Hard to believe an old dog can learn new tricks.  lol.

But I will be sharing:

a.  A new commissions method that let's you play with the big boys without needing a pocketbook

b. A new "back end" method to make really large potential profits with no effort

c.  New, simpler methods

Plus, you have the chance to ask questions directly to me and get answers.

But Marlon, I know you can do it.  But can I BAM?  
I'm no guru.

It's a great question.

The fast is, people BAM every day.  Right now people are BAMMING.  Just look.  These are from today and it's only 4:30 right now.

If you go back just a few days in time you'll see the BAMS get a lot bigger as they have a little time.

What's more, go back a MONTH and you get some crazy BIG BAMS!

But Marlon, what about the people who got 0 sales on their BAMS?  Huh?  What about THEM?

It's a great question.

And I'll give you the truth:  They didn't pay the price to learn how to BAM.  

In almost every case it doesn't take longer than 10 seconds to see how come their BAM was a BUMMER instead of BRILLIANT.  

With your permission in a minute, I'll be able to show you just that.  

Would you like that? 

Are you curious the difference?

Can I be candid?

There's a price to know.

And there's a price NOT to know.

You get to decide which price you want to pay.

Do you want to have the BUMMER BAM or the BRILLIANT BAM?

But Marlon, I don't want to BAM on Warriorplus.

No problem.

You can BAM on JVZoo, Clickbank or your own affiliate platform.

And you can even BAM without  affiliates using ads, so you control everything and don't have to do recips.

Here's what I've decided to do to help my customers who have never BAMMED or haven't BAMMED recently.

I've put together a BAMMING KIT for you.

ONE:  First of all, you get an incredible 35-page BAMMING PDF:  

How to Milk Your Cash Cows
Using The BAM Formula

Here's what Darren said about it:

But we aren't stopping there.  No siree Bob.

We're just warming up.

Next thing I'm gonna do is lay LIVE training on you.  I'll BAM it into your head if I have to!  lolz.

Seriously, this is gonna be some serious BAM training.  I don't pussy foot around and sugar coat stuff.

BAMMING is fun but also serious business.

My goal  is to make it so stinkin' SIMPLE, you can't  help but BAM!

BAM WEEK 1:  How to Find Big Demand - September 11

This is the biggest key and you're going to be privy to my secrets.

Even if you own my other products, I guarantee this will be the simplest and easiest to follow.

  • Where to go to find demand
  • How to know when you've found demand
  • How to test out your dmeand ideas super fast and easy
  • Why demand is the big key
  • What if you don't know where to start
  • Step-by-step demand finding for beginners
  • Simple A, B, C worksheet
  • An advanced demand-finding method for pros and veterans

By the end of Week 1, you'll know more about how  to sniff out demand than 99% of people inin the world.

I apologize if you can't sleep after week 1.  It's NOT my fault!

But hold your hat Cowboy or Cowgirl, we're just revving up.

BAM WEEK 2:  Driving Traffic In Abundance Using Affiliates - September 18

Affiliates are my favorite way of driving traffic.

All those sales above from W+ were sent by affiliates who made a commission for sending the sales.

Why would you pay a commission?

Because your customers are the cash cows who buy over and over and over (the milk).

So you don't mind paying 50% one time to get a bunch of cash cows!

My goal is to make getting affiliates to promote for you fun and EASY as humanly possible.

I'm going to SIMPLIFY this vs. any other training you've bought from me.

  • How to get affiliates when you know no one
  • How to launch your first BAM
  • How to get affiliates to mail before your launch
  • Why should affiliates mail for you?
  • What are realistic expectations for your first BAM?
  • If you're a veteran or a PRO, here's a BAM shortcut a friend of mine uses to make a million dollars a launch.
  • This is BAM at a whole different level of ease and simplicity.
  • I'm cutting out ALL the fluff and just getting to the A, B, C's of it.

By this time, you're going to be really jazzed about your new BAMMING potenntial.

This is BAMMING throughh a whole new lens.   Even if you've never BAMMED before in your life, you're going to say, "Oh my gosh, I can do this!"

BAM WEEK 3:  Driving Traffic In Abundance Using Ads - September 25

Maybe you hate the idea of launching.

You don't want to deal with affiliates no matter how simple or easy I may make it.

We're going to deep dive into a SIMPLE Facebook ads method that anyone can use.

And we'll also cover a Youtube method for fast testing and scaling.

Ads are great if you have a budget because you have ultimate control.  And you can scale very predictably.

Which means you can have confidence the cash will be there if you quiet your job.

Here's what you'll discover:

  • The simple A, B, C method of running Facebook ads that is about as close to "goof proof" as it gets and uses cheap $5 adsets if you're on a budget.
  • Click-by-click where to go and what to do.
  • How to turn unprofitable ads into profitable ones
  • How to lock in your profit
  • Finally, a Facebook ads method you can understand and use
  • Discover how to bring in leads and appointments or sales at a low cost
  • Know exactly how much to spend  to  test an adset

By this point, you're going to know more about BAMMING than 99% in the world.  

You're going to be totally and completely  jazzed up and ready to BAM.

The last step is MONETIZATION.

BAM WEEK 4:  Monetize So Money Pours In - October 2

This is the  FUNNEST week.

Oh my gosh.

The real delight is when money pours in.

But I know.

Marlon, what time are these held and are they recorded?

8 pm. est and yes they are recorded.

Marlon, I don't have "back-end" products.  How am I gonna monetize?

This is where it gets good.

You don't have to.

I'm going to lay on you a brand new method you've not heard me teach before in all liklihood.

This is a super power money getter method.

And you don't need your own products.

And no, it's not emailing Zoo or W+ affiliate offers, although you can certainly do that.

This is where you bring in the big sales sand the big bucks.  Just a few sales a month could erase debt for you or pay stuff off.  

Or allow you to fund some of those ads, dreams or marketing plans you have.

Super exciting.

And the simplest, fastest, easiest back-end monetization I have EVER given.

Oddly enough, even many veterans may be shell-shocked at how easy this is and the potential.  I know when I "saw it" I was flabbergasted.

Here's what you'll discover:

  • How to autopilot or semi auto pilot your back end
  • The easiest and fastest profits you'll likely ever make
  • Where to find the secret honeypot
  • How to easily and simply do this without stress or strain

Alright.  I do need to add for legal reasons that while I can show you how simple and easy this is and why I believe it'll blow you away, there's no guarantee of income. 

You could do great or nothing.

That goes for any business endeavor.

But I can tell you the risk is very, very small and the upside is potentially quite large.

Bonuses For Acting Today

No offer would be complete without
bonuses for acting now.
And these are special ones for you.

Bonus 1:  How to find the time to do your marketing

I found an incredible video I'll pass along to you that does the best job I've ever seen anywhere of showing how to find the time.  If you feel you don't have the time to do marketing, your mind will be on fire after you watch this training. And it'll be all steam ahead!

Bonus 2:  Two live Fast Track trainings where you can get your questions answered

I found an incredible video I'll pass along to you that does the best job I've ever seen anywhere of showing how to find the time.  If you feel you don't have the time to do marketing, your mind will be on fire after you watch this training. And it'll be all steam ahead!


This is an ancient book from the early 1900's no one knows about.  It's incredibly brilliant and insightful into how to profit from using the AIDA formula.  There is no other book nor work that explains the AIDA copy formula with this depth and insight.  You'll instantly write more compelling, actionable, attention getting copy that creates desire and action.

Marlon, shy should I hop in now?  Can't I just wait?

I haven't decided how long I'll keep this offer on the table. I reserve the right to rip it down at any time. 

You've been waiting all your life to get results like this.

There's a time to wait and a time to act.  What time is it for you?  Waiting can cost you and is almosts guaranteed to NOT get you closer to your goals and your ability to create money.

When you act now, you'll also be receiving a  ready-made BAM you can use to BAM money into your account with asap.  But your focus should be on creating your own BAMS as that's where teh biggest excitement is.


Access to the 4 Trainings,



  • Access to all 4 live calls, 1 per week
  • "How do I find the time?" Bonus
  • 2 additional live Fast Track trainings bonus
  • Copy and Paste Messages to get affiliates to mail their list
  • Facebook group for 4 weeks
  • 7-day satisfaction guarantee

For the discriminathing BAMMER who wants it all



  • Everything in the Basic and Go Getter
  • 4 months membership in the Fast Track
  • Transcripts of Take the Lid Off Training
  • Access to 15 additional trainings
  • 30-minute phone consultation

Because I'm so confident you're going to love the secrets in my product that I'm willing to take all the risk by putting my money where my mouth is.

I'm giving you a full 7 day, satisfaction guaranteed, moneyback guarantee.

If for any reason you aren't satisfied with the product, just post to my support desk, and we'll refund your money.  

I'm taking all the risk.

That's how confident I am you're going to love this product.

At worst, you get your money back. At best, you discover a new way to make sales, get traffic and ignite your offers or affiliate sales.

Best wishes, 

Marlon Sanders

PS:  Click here only if you've decided NOT to order.

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