Get My Jan. 1 "Dispatch" AND My Sales Copy Training For a New $399 a Pop Income Stream - $1 Trial

On January 1, I'm writing a special "Dispatch" for my Fast Track Marketers Club that lays out how to create your own $399 a head Masterclass starting on January 10.  You'll also get access to an in-depth video training on it I did last week (the bullet points on it are at the bottom of this letter).

Not only that, on January 5, I'll be sharing the sales template I've used to sell these Masterclasses successfully.

I'll go in depth into the sales copy.

Plus, I'm going to put you in our Fast Track Marketer's Club Community.  You can join for a buck below OR go here to listen to an in-depth video that explains how I'll be adding a NEW income layer to your cake each month in 2019.  And ALL the benefits I'm giving you.  Plus, why I'm giving you free coaching.

What if every month you could add a NEW INCOME stream to your business and your life?

Maybe one  is a small income stream of $100 a month.

Maybe one is $300 a month.

Maybe one is $500 a month.

Maybe one is $1,000 or $2,500.

The truth is, we don't know how large any individual income stream will be.  But here's what I DO know.  If you keep creating and ADDING INCOME LAYERS TO YOUR CAKE, sooner or later you WILL hit your income goal.

Then you can stop building layers and just manage the ones you got. THAT is when you 4 hour work week thing of Tim Ferris kicks in, or what I call the 30-minute workday.

On January 1 I'll be delivering a special DISPATCH
about how to add a Masterclass to your income
beginning January 10

On January 1, I'm writing a special, no-holds-barred dispatch that is a mind dump on how you can add a Masterclass to your income.  And why you can't LOSE when you do this.  You CANNOT fail.

Not only that, I'm offering you FREE  COACHING every week in 2019, as crazy as that sounds.  Yes, there's a small catch but it's really trivial compared to what you'll be doing.  Go here for a video that explains that in depth or just click the button below to join.

So you get my TRAINING from this past week where I covered every single bullet point above.

Here are the slides:

Listen, the ONLY reason I'm doing all of this is I want YOU in my WEEKLY COACHING.

Here's what we will be doing TOGETHER:

1.  Add a NEW income stream each month

2.  Sales templates -- Every income stream has a different sales template. I'll be teaching in detail how you sell all this stuff and giving you exact templates to model.

3.  FREE TRAFFIC -- Yeah, I get it.  Even 100 visitors a day sounds like a LOT to you and very exciting.  I'll show you how to get 100 visitors a day and TONS MORE for FREE.

4. Critiques and Q & A

Got a question?  You can get it  answered.

And there's so much more. I haven't begun to show you all the the 300-page "BIBLE" you get.  

This was just posted 6 hours ago by one of our new members in our Facebook Community (This is NOT my free Facebook group. This is a special COMMUNITY ONLY for our prestigious members).

Then one of our other members jumped in and said:

Do you want to get your FREE Dispatch on January 1 AND your FREE training on adding (potentially) a 3 or 4 figure Masterclass?  Think of it this way:  If you're brand new, you probably won't do 3 figures.  Maybe you will.  Maybe you won't.  You could.

But WHATEVER you do is a fast start. And I have a backup method where you literally can't fail.  It ALL works.

Alright, if you're ready to dig in and learn about ALL the BENEFITS you get in addition to the free coaching, the COMMUNITY and the monthly DISPATCH, click the button below.

You'll get immediate access to our Facebook Community  and the recording of last week's Coaching Call where I covered:
*  The one thing your sales page must have or it won't work

*  An actual template that has sold gangbusters for me 

*  6 sources of traffic to fill your Masterclass

*  Why you absolutely can't lose doing Masterclasses, when you understand this 1 thing

*  The  4 elements your offer MUST have

*  10 Sweeteners you can add to your Masterclass

*  How to do a 12-product survey for a Masterclass

*  Why is January 10 the ideal date?

*  4 ways to find out what people want

*  5 ways to find high probability buyers

*  6 steps to build this income stream

*  2 ways to sell it

*  Should the price be $97, $197 or $497?

The good news is last week  I conduced a training LAST WEEK where I explained all of the above and more.  I want to give you access to it shortly for free.


It's only ONE example of how you build an INCOME LAYER on your cake to create the income you want.  (Hint:  If you aren't turned onto how to do this, you're in for an exciting treat here.

Here's the thing:

I want to give this to you as my free gift.  The REASON I want to do this is it's just  ONE income stream we're building out in 2019.

Just click the button above and join for $1 on a 14-day trial so you can EXPERIENCE all the benefits, PLUS get my January 1 Dispatch AND my Jan 5 sales copy training where I lay out a sales template to sell $399 a head Masterclasses.

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